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 Modern Dance
“A free, expressive style of dancing started in the early 20th century as a reaction to classical ballet. In recent years it has included elements not usually associated with dance, such as speech and film.”  Modern Dance is interpretive and expressive, which allows both the choreographer and the dancer to be creative.

Ages 6 and older
Instructor-Marissa Citro
$50 per month
$40 AMAC registration fee required

Hip Hop 

A high energy, fun class that will break down the fundamentals of Hip Hop.  All levels welcome.

Ages 6-12
Instructor-Ben Seaman
$50 per month
$40 AMAC registration fee required

Pre-Ballet classes are for 3-5 years old.
Students are introduced to ballet in this fun-filled class. As they learn the basic techniques they will also learn proper classroom etiquette and group cooperation. Some tumbling is included.
 $50 per month
 $40 AMAC registration fee required                             

Ballet/Jazz classes are a combination of classical ballet, jazz dance and  the fun of tumbling for ages 6 years and older.  Each class has the tradition and discipline of ballet and the dynamics and excitement of jazz.  Classes are offered for different age groups and at different levels. 
$50 per month
$40 AMAC registration fee required

 Creative Movement and tumbling
is an energetic class for boys and girls ages 3-5. Music and props are used to encourage the children to explore movement and to exercise.   For many children this may be the first exposure to listening, following directions and co-operating with a group.  Tumbling portion of the class consists of basic skills, low to the floor balance beam and an obstacle course.
Classes are $50 per month.
$40 annual registration fee required.

Instructor for Ballet/Jazz, Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement and Tumbling-Amy Lindsey
 Call 907-333-1592 or email Amy for more information. 
Miss Amy has been teaching classes at the Center since 1987 and is our new Executive Director.  She is also a member of the AMAC Board of Directors. Miss Amy also taught for the UAA dance department for over thirty years and offers classes for participants of the Anchorage Senior Center.