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Monday, Nov 9th, the 12:15 Creative Movement/Tumbling class will meet today as well as the karate afterschool programs
Becky will be attending the 2015 ISKF Nationals in San Francisco.
The following programs will NOT meet November 11th - 16th:

Indoor playground

Tiny Tykes

Creative Movement/Tumbling W/F/M

Pee Wee Karate I and II


Registration form will also show days/times and availability of individual classes

Enrollment for individual programs will continue until the class is full

To find out the  availability of a class fill out the registration form . 
Fill out the registration form and request the class you would like to take.  Check the box for waitlisted classes to be put on the waiting list and then if possible choose a second choice.

Submit the Electronic Registration form if you would like to try our classes.  Click the link below to register.  The registration form provides available classes.

AMAC Registrations may be paid on line
May be paid in person with check or
cash at your first visit

3) ISKF annual registration


First Name
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