Alaska Moving Arts Center - TUMBLING & CHEER
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Tumbling and Cheer

Beginning Cheer 
Learn all of the fundamentals of cheer-leading: Cheers, Motions, Dance, Jumps, Kicks, Voice Projection and Beginning Tumbling. Emphasis is placed on correct technique and form and building the proper foundation for safety and advancement.

Instructor Katie Schoff
$50 per month
$40 AMAC registration fee required

 Youth Tumbling
An introduction to tumbling with focus on body control, flexibility, strength, jumps, leaps and beginning tumbling.

Ages 5 (kindergarten)-12 years

Home School Tumbling
An introduction to tumbling skills designed for the home school community. Ages 5-12.

$50 per month for Tumbling I & II (once a week)
$90 per month for Tumbling I & II (twice a week)
$40 AMAC registration fee required
Instructor- Ivy Burgos

Creative Movement and Tumbling
3 - 5 year olds
An energetic class for boys and girls using props and music to encourage the children to be creative in their movements.  Basic tumbling skills and jumps are introduced.
Instructor:  Amy Lindsey
$50 per month (one class weekly)
$40 AMAC registration fee required

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